Eternity isn't affected by time. And the spirit of a certain time it came down to a single harmonious concept. Our models of kitchens based on the principles of ergonomics, functionality and durability. Our products combine technological effectiveness, non-standard approaches to solving common problems.

  • Quality

    We don't pursue quantity but pay great attention to the quality and individual approach to each customer. After all, INSTYLE products are about care and love for you, our customers.

    Why choose us? People who apply to our company pay attention to quality and details. And we, in our turn, know that there are no trifles in the creation of furniture and we pay attention to every nuance that even the most demanding customer will be satisfied.

  • Business processes

    Our experience combines with continuous self-improvement, the desire for new achievements and the search for fresh ideas. All this reflects in our products, design, quality and service. Our team has chosen the path of striving for excellence, continuous development and improvement so that we can provide you with the perfect result.

  • Factory

    The INSTYLE area is 3500 sq. m. We use the latest Italian and Germany equipment with CNC. That’s why we have the possibilities to implement the projects of any complexity and safe consistently high products quality. We regularly increase production capacity and use the most modern equipment of the best world brands in the production of furniture. That allows us to make the high-level quality products and the factory’s specialists can work coherent, safely and conveniently. The automated production contributes avoid to the most minor mistakes. As a result, we produce high-quality furniture which will serve for a long time.

  • Products

    We use just eco-friendly materials. They certified to international standards, and most importantly - safe and practical in everyday use.

    Summing up all the above, the INSTYLE production is:

    computerized processes;
    technological equipment;
    eco-friendly materials;
    caring for customers.