EVOLUTION kitchen is a prime example of the trend kitchen design that gives a sense of uniqueness and dynamism while meeting all modern requirements: beauty, style and practicality of kitchen furniture.

  • Conciseness & ergonomics

    EVOLUTION is laconic and ergonomic forms full of the sense of dynamic flight. First of all, this kitchen is practical and functional, and at the same time trendy. It distinguishes by a bright combination of glossy and veneered facades, which equipped with built-in handles and decorative lighting. The suspended kitchen sections seem flying the air as a result creating a sense of ease and weightlessness.

  • Going beyond

    EVOLUTION kitchen overcomes the boundaries of standard kitchen solutions due to the development of suspended sections with classic milled facades.
    The uniqueness of this model is that it will perfectly fit any space.

  • Individuality

    Our company dedicates a lot of time to personalizing the collection. That's let us offer each client a kitchen of his/her dream. EVOLUTION is inspired by its diversity because the compositions presented on our website encourage us to search for new forms, colours and materials. You can choose the materials by yourself: stone or wood, glossy or matte facades, with or without milling.

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