ARTEX kitchen is a bright project, made in the eco-minimalist style. The peculiarity of this kitchen is a rectilinear design  with ergonomic use of the kitchen space. Strict geometric shapes of different materials are
easily combined and complement each other.

  • Concept

    ARTEX kitchen shows individuality, allowing owners to express themselves with a non-standard solution. Decorative lighting, handles built into the facades and open shelves are a bright accent but don't over complicate the interior design.



  • Realization

    ARTEX kitchen is not only a place for making food but also an adornment of each home. It can be an ideal addition to the studio apartment, where kitchen combined with living room.

  • Made for you

    The modern lifestyle doesn't always allow people to have lunch or dinner at home. However, a well- equipped and comfortable kitchen should be in each home.

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