Our kitchens embodied in three directions:
Urban, Creative, Traditional. Each direction reflects the individuality of the owner. The concepts of collections base on family values and lifestyle. We don't offer a big range of typical solutions. Kitchen by INSTYLE it's emotions, style and personality.

  • Creative

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    The creation of exclusive designs is an opportunity to go beyond, to show individuality.  Personal development using the latest innovations focused on functionality and design.

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  • Traditional

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    Classics are traditions proven over the years. Creating images, we create new universal classical styles of kitchens. This is a fresh look at traditional things. This is a revival of style in the modern technological world.

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  • Urban

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    URBAN is a rethinking of the traditional approach. This style emphasizes the speed of development and development of the world. There is urban design in your home. There are loft and art deco. There are simplicity on the verge of minimalism. We create "unusual" in each kitchen style URBAN.

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